“I met Augustine via facebook through similar associates we have. I really don’t even know where to start,he’s an all around amazing person. He asked me to do an interview for “the African Skateboard Diary” and i was really honoured to be a part of that. From what i see, this man does a lot for his Country and people without the ability or know how to help themselves. I’ve seen this man contact Boards for Bros & Skatepark of Tampa in hopes of Making a way for Other athletes to come to the U.S. to further their careers in skateboarding. What amazes me even more so is that Augustine just started school working towards being a medical doctor only for the reason to be able to help others. Augustine is a blessing to anyone who has the opportunity to get to know him and i see amazing things for his future.”

-Steve White, USA


Steve White

“We are together, and you are always doing great! Continue live with your plans as they inspire so many, and am always ready to be inspired by you! I do appreciate what you are doing 100%”


-Goodluck, Medical Student

Goodluck John