The Rise Of Africa Skateboarding Diary

I started writing about skateboarding in 2013 with Africa Skateboarding Magazine back in 2012/13. Later I quit writing for the Africa Skateboarding Magazine and I started to build my own form.


In March 2015 I launched Africa Skateboarding Diary, an online Skateboarding Magazine voluntary done by collaborated African skateboarders around the continent. Our wok as a skateboarding writes is to publish most of unheard stories  by African skateboarders and share what is happening in here.

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World Skateboarding Championships 2015

In 2015, The World Skateboarding Federation appointed me to work on selecting local African skateboarders who would participate into the World Skateboarding Championships 2015. This was such a great experience for me, being honoured to work with highly profile people.


After the selections I made, the skaters were fully sponsored by the WSF to Kimberley, South Africa and for the first time we had African Street Skateboarding Championships of which Reunion Island Skateboarders won. This was amazing opportunity that opened me up and expose me to a bigger family of skateboarders and fans.


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The Rise Of Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle

In 2011 Skate Aid, A Germany Based Organization moved to Dodoma, Tanzania and built us the first Public concrete skate park. This was a positive introduction of skateboarding in Dodoma, and at that time I was just arrived to this town following my father’s work shift from Tanga.


I saw how exciting skateboarding was, and the number of so many children attracted to the sport. At that time I was coming from my secondary  school. Well I met Gideon one of the best Tanzanian  skateboarders and together we wanted to do more than skating and so we gave each one of us to look for a cool name for the crew.


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