The Rise Of Africa Skateboarding Diary

I started writing about skateboarding in 2013 with Africa Skateboarding Magazine back in 2012/13. Later I quit writing for the Africa Skateboarding Magazine and I started to build my own form.


In March 2015 I launched Africa Skateboarding Diary, an online Skateboarding Magazine voluntary done by collaborated African skateboarders around the continent. Our wok as a skateboarding writes is to publish most of unheard stories  by African skateboarders and share what is happening in here.

The rise of many talented young skateboarders from different African countries gave us a chance to go deep writing stories about how and why they started skateboarding. Our publications base on daily updates make our magazine one of the most popular African Online Magazine/Blog. Also we work to inspire other African Skateboarders by sharing stories done by international skateboarders.


We did interviews with both African and None-African skateboarders. Some of the skateboarders we interviewed include Gose Gerald, Simone Verona, Sketchy, Innocent Sichande, Tj Rogers, Pedro Thomas, Aura Bredart and so many others.


Below are few picture from our Africa Skateboarding Diary Magazine Project



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