Mothers’ Day Message

Dear Mama
Dear all women
Dear all girls

I am writing this to you very special as we celebrate your Day. You are all mothers of this world.

In special way am writing remembering how I was hurt seeing you passing through troubles, mistreatment, rape, underprivileged, and so many more…

You re living in extremely poverty, you are oppressed with paternal laws. The world betrayed you as alien. At a mean time you had never quite to hustle on the street, selling fruits to feed me and my sisters.

Unfortunately other men will forget to thank you as longer as they feel superior than you woman.

Mama I know you have a lot that bothering you in your heart and no where you could speak, you only crying in your heart. Some time you pretend a smile when you see me around.

Mama this is also for steel wonmen who are in decision making body. They aint good enough to claims for your freedom, financial freedom and free oppress to women.

The world is not a good place for you, its only abusing your maternal beauty… Mama am only a son that will stand by you, a woman who kept me in your womb for nine months.

I AM, I am here for you… I see the beauties of your heart. I feel your pain but I am here to make sure changes is coming.

I love you my mama and all mothers. I love all single mama who are striving hard to raise their kids.

Thanks to all men who love their wives much enough and respect, cherish, and support them to achieve daily goals.

This is my gratitude and endless love to all mama in the world. You are not good, you are the best at all time.

Rutasingwa AV
May 2016