Understand Yourself – Why

Understanding Yourself – Why


Today’s young generation we are challenged by the fact that we are not able to understand who we are. So far there are people who believe they understand who they are while they are deceiving themselves.

To understand who we are is a key to be successful. There are so many questions that can guide us to understand about our personality. There are questions to challenge us to reason very profound and get answers that can define us.


Youth should learn to understand their desires and what they want to be, they should learn that the world has so many options to make them better. It only needs someone who is ready to focus and what he/she wants and make good out of it.


There is nothing known as Lucky!!! Only discipline, hard working and sacrifice brings us success of which other term them “Lucky” To be one Lucky person one needs to understand what he/she wants!!!


Stop today dreaming of success and start working on them for everything is Possible!!!


-Augustine Rutasingwa (March, 2016)


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