My name is Augustine Rutasingwa and I was born on February 5th 1994, a first born of one big happy family.


I grew up from different backgrounds, well precisely my parents used to get shifted and so I was always moving from one town to another together with parents.  This gave me a chance to travel and live in so many towns in my country, Tanzania. Well am still eager to travel the whole country, I guess I will have to do it on my own somehow since for three years we have been settling at Dodoma Town, Tanzania’s Capital City.


I attended various schools from my primary education as I said we used to travel together with the family. I started classes at home, my mother used to teach me the basic of life. She was my first teacher, well my father was my first mentor. Whenever I looked on my parents’ faces I knew I would grow up and be more like them.


Well I moved to Dar es salaam when I was little, I jus don’t remember it very well. But then I started schools at Missionary Nursery School at Mbagala Rangitatu before I moved to Kisukuru Primary school. Few years we moved to Arusha where I joined Monduli Teaching Primary school, well at that time I was in standard III and that was 2002. I sat for my standard four exams on 2003 and later we moved to Korogwe Tanga where I finished my Primary education at Mazoezi Manundu Primary School in 2006.


After that I joined seminary for my further education where I paved my way with flying colours. I was so stubborn as I remember but I never had fights with fellow students except I liked to sacrifice for classmates and most of time I was punished for that. I stayed at St. Josephs Soni Seminary in Lushoto District, Tanga for five years. In 2011 after I graduated I joined another Seminary for High School. This was 2012 when I joined Consolata Seminary where I did my science studies; Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I graduated from Consolata seminary in May 2014.


After that I joined a compulsory national service program where I attended three months military course at 823KJ Msange, Tabora. My life as a military recruit was so amazing and everyday I was happy to know am alive and I keep doing it well. I led the parade guard as a guard commander and I was so happy with that honour.


But I wasn’t growing on that path only, I was also growing so proudly of my life. When I was in primary school I fell in love with one girl. Well that is somehow strange but that first love gave me so much, I was inspired to write romantic poems and quotes. I stated writing straight forward because I was afraid to confess things to her, well we were also young. So she gave me a gift, I developed to be romantic writer. When I was in seminary I remember I used to write for my homies too and my letters worked well for them.


Well back into education, after High school I joined Kampala International University Dar es salaam Campus to start pursuing my career as a Medicine Student in October 2014. Well things didn’t go well with life there so later March 2015 I dropped off the college and stayed home focusing on the other side of who I am.


As I grew up from a Christian Family my parents taught my well about love, sympathy and compassion. When I was young I remembered I once brought home a suspected kidnapper and treated him so well after I found him dirty and hungry. And when my parents asked I repeated couple of bible verses about Jesus teaching on how we should feel treating fellow Humans as him. So I told my parents that I wasn’t serving a suspected kidnapper but a God’s Angel.


This spirit define so much of how I am today. When I was in primary school I was a very active sportsman and this grew with me. I played Basketball and soccer in primary schools, and in my secondary school I played soccer. I was later selected to lead Class’ Football team as an assistant coacher. When I joined High school I played basketball and skateboarding.


I remember being introduced into skateboarding world in 2011 after we moved to the Capital City- Dodoma. The children and youth in Dodoma looked so cool yet very vulnerable!!! Well Skate Aid built the first concrete skatepark and I was lucky to be there, so I remembered a talk with Torben from Skate Aid. When they went back to Germany I started Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle, to help growing the sport and spread it because we were too much attracted into it, and I saw so many being motivated to ride a skateboard.


So the skateboarding thing unveil another thing about me and what I can do, I became an active Volunteer working with group of various people. In October 2014 after moved to Dar es salaam, I met Usama who is current my workmate, friend and a family. He taught me more about the heart of giving, so I became a volunteer. Using skateboarding together I joined Giveback Foundation and so we have been working together daily to bring positive impacts to the children and youth around us.


So when I dropped off the college, I kept my concentration more into being a Volunteer and in such a short time we did so many project together beside the Giveback Monthly Charity Program. In 2015 we did a voluntary week at Mongo La Ndege Primary School in Dar es salaam where we taught children more of their life style, communicable diseases and so much funny.


I became addicted with skateboarding though I don’t skate much. So I developed my writing and photography to tell stories about skateboarding not just in Tanzania but also all over Africa. So In 2015 I started Africa Skateboarding Diary and October 2015 I  was appointed to select various African skaters for the first African street skateboarding Championship in Kimberley, South Africa which I also attended.


Anyway after I stayed so long home I applied new admission and I was posted to St. Joseph College of Health Science new campus at Boko, Dar es salaam where am now pursing the other dream of being Physician.


That was all about who I am and what I do, anyway sorry If I wrote too much. But I would like also to welcome you to this blog so that you can learn a lot of the things that I have done so far and the things that I like the most.


Thank You.


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    1. Sure, I forgot that part. Well I made a confess and that’s all I was about 12 years old. But we later became friends, though we don’t get into contact each other that much.


  1. Indeed you have made a remarkable history Rutasingwa, human kind lives for signature many lived and passed, few are acknowledged, they are acknowledged for when they were alive, they developed the so spirit of enthusiasm, remarkable signature making them endless remembered worldwide. Have a look on Mwl J K Nyerere, Mahtama Ghandhi, Kwame Nkuruma and the like. So no one will benchmark your history but while living history emerge. I strong courage you for this good unitive courage you to solicit the same spirit of writing into your future prosperous goals. Am so excited with your inter allia brief background indeed hope you were strong esteemed committed at Soni Seminary Garrison by that name. I salute you


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